Tom at omj Creative


Tom is our Social Media and Web Marketing guru. He is also our in-house Graphic Designer.

His interest in marketing began at an early age, when (as a sixth-grader) Tom started cutting out “Got Milk” and Absolut Vodka ads from library magazines and collecting them in a notebook. High school art classes further inspired Tom’s pursuit of a career in advertising, and after a job shadow opportunity at a local hard rock station, the path to success was lit.

After his first year of college, Tom earned an internship at a small, independently-owned radio station, where he learned how to write, voice, and produce persuasive and informative radio commercials. During this time, Tom also attended the State University of New York at New Paltz School of Business, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Tom continued in radio for more than 10 years as a Production Director, including over four years as Creative Services Director at media giant ClearChannel Communications. During that time, Tom won the 2011 New York State Broadcasters’ Award for Best Radio Commercial and produced thousands of great commercials.

He left radio in 2011 and was hired as the Marketing Director at a family-owned Ford dealership. There, Tom expanded his marketing abilities into social media, website management, graphic design, and campaign development. After just one year, Tom was sought out for the same position at a very successful and expanding dealership group.

Tom co-founded omj creative in June of 2012 with his dad and partner, Tom, Sr. with a promise to deliver marketing solutions that are functional, practical, and personal.