Social Media

Posting to Facebook is easy. Tweeting is simple. Using Instagram is a cinch. In fact, you probably already use these Social Media. Probably a few others, like Four Square or Pinterest. You got this. So why do you need omj creative?

Well, since you asked…

First, omj creative will identify your marketing objectives. What is it that you want to achieve with your social media? The more specific your objective, the easier it is to measure its success. Do you want more ‘Page Likes’? More ‘Followers’? More awareness about a new product or service? More customer testimonials?

Next, we plan your Social Media strategy with the right content to achieve those objectives. Different types of content produce different types of results. Depending on what your objectives are, your audience may respond better to funny pictures versus informative tips, or coupons versus contests. When it comes to Social Media, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Finally, we review our strategy execution with you. With. YOU. omj creative doesn’t hide behind an emailed report. We’ll meet with you – in person – to go over your Social Media execution. We determine what was awesome, what wasn’t so awesome, and what direction to head in going forward.

For a no obligation Social Media consultation with omj creative, contact us today or call (315) OMJ-1791.